Case Study: Call Rate Management with FreeSBC at Marcatel

“Call-rate limiting performs exactly as per our requirements, allowing us to throttle call traffic in a graceful method, preventing outright rejecting traffic”

—Sergio R. López

Case Study: SIP Trunking Management with FreeSBC at NETCOM in Cyprus

“Maintaining network reliability and scaling are key objectives for our business, requiring a redundant SIP architecture for all elements of our network”

— Pawel Klimecki, Network Engineer, NETCOM

Case Study: VitalPBX Meets Enterprise IP-PBX Needs with FreeSBC

“As our VitalPBX project grew, it was clear that we needed to address the network security requirements to satisfy the growing number of mid-market and enterprise buyers”

— Rodrigo Cuadra, co-founder and CEO of VitalPBX.