Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about ProSBC,  FreeSBC and session border controllers in general.

i. Our pricing is subscription-based where we license to a maximum number of concurrent calls (sessions)
ii. We charge $1 USD per session/per SBC instance/per year
iii. The minimum purchase is 500 sessions. You can think of this as $500 for the software with 500 sessions included and $1 USD for each additional session.

TelcoBridges defines a session as a VoIP call between two end points including both legs of the call.  Pricing is based on the maximum number of simultaneous sessions.

You can purchase additional sessions for your SBC at our on-line Store. We’ll prorate the price for the remaining validity of your license and adjust the renewal for the full session count. We’ll have the proration calculation available shortly, but in the meantime, please contact your Sales representative to help with the purchase.

We’ll send out reminders to the email address(es) on file 90, 60 and 30 days ahead of your renewal date with the last reminder including an invoice with instructions. You’ll be able to renew online at our Store by entering your Product Key(s) and reference number.

The SBC will revert to the features and capacity of FreeSBC until your FreeSBC license expires.

Yes! Please contact your Sales Representative for pricing.

No, TelcoBridges does not charge you for the +1 server, but the server itself does need it’s own license and thus, Product Key. If you would like to operate your SBC in 1+1 HA mode, be sure to order that license when you order your SBC.

1+1 HA is available for Baremetal, VMWare, KVM and KVM/Openstack platforms. It is currently not available for cloud deployments.

Yes, but of course, there are delay and bandwidth criteria that need to be met. Please check with your Sales Representative.


Watch our detailed What Is An SBC? video here.

In this video we get “back to basics” and show the threats and underlying role that an SBC plays in modern IP communications solutions. During this session, you’ll learn about B2BUA, NAT, DOS/DDOS attacks, registration floods, topology hiding and more…

Watch our detailed Firewalls SIP Servers and SBCs – What’s the difference? video here.

In this video we review how Firewalls, SIP Servers and Session Border Controllers each play an important, but different, role in facilitating a secure and reliable network.

No, although FreeSBC/ProsSBC supports local and remote NAT traversal, it comes built in with a capable firewall that enables the owner to put FreeSBC/ProSBC at the edge of the network directly facing the internet while maintaining all the security features.

Documentation is available on our TBWiki here.

And/or watch the VMWare installation video here.

And/or watch the Bare Metal installation video here.

Documentation is available on our TBWiki here.

And/or watch the VMWare installation video here.

And/or watch the Bare Metal installation video here.

i. Guided installation is included in the purchase price of ProSBC but,
ii. Remote configuration and custom routing scripts require Professional Services